Our Impact

In 22 years of operation, we have:

Treated over 71,000 patients in the Philippines and Guatemala

Distributed water filters to 200 families

Built a home

Assisted communities remotely during COVID-19

Prosthetic for Jan Jan

This is his story

PPE for Royeca City Hospital in General Santos, Philippines

This is Their Story

Reading glasses for the T'boli tribe near Lake Cebu, Philippines, 2021

This is Their Story

PPE for Rural Communities in Guatemala, 2020

These are their stories

Meet Pau and Learn How MMOM USA Helped

This Is Her Story

Meet MJ Martinez and Learn How MMOM USA Helped

“Life is indeed the most precious gift from God. Yes! Life is amazing. We are all given a life to live, but each one of us is born in different situations, different life status, even different physical appearances.”

This Is His Story
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