Meet Pau

How MMOMUSA Helped. This is Her Story.

Meet Pau. She’s 15, a high school student from Moncada, Tarlac, Philippines. In early November 2019, she was a passenger on a motorcycle which collided with a truck. The truck driver was sent to jail, the driver of the motorcycle was killed, and Pau sustained life threatening injuries which, if  untreated, would have left her disabled for life. The family couldn’t afford the cost of the surgeries and turned to MMOM USA for help.

After the accident, Pau needed to be transferred to a different hospital. Before that could happen, her family had to pay what was already owed the first hospital but they couldn’t afford the cost. The longer she stayed, the more the bills grew. It was a terrible Catch 22. Time was of the essence. This beautiful young lady had to be operated on as soon as possible.

Our local team, headed by MMOM volunteer Dr. Ferdinand Pamintuan, went into action and prepared to operate pro-bono. MMOM USA raised the funds that covered the cost of her hospitalization, post op care and rehabilitation. The local mayor, Estelita Aqino, coordinated local activity and took actions that ensured Pau and her family were justly treated.

Pau was transferred to Santo Tomas University Hospital where it was discovered she sustained more injuries than previously thought. Her life hung in a balance as the needed surgeries were quickly scheduled and performed.  She underwent the following during a 15 hour session:

  • Open intramedullary nailing, left femur
  • Open intramedullary nailing, right tibia
  • Open reduction and application of spanning external fixator, 2nd and 3rd left metatarsal.

She has a long road ahead to full recovery, but she’ll be able to walk again. Pau expresses her profound gratitude to all who helped her in her time of great need.

From all of us at MMOM USA, we thank you for answering our call for help so that Pau could lead a normal life.

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