PPE for the Communities of Purulhá and Guastatoya, Guatemala

Aid for Rural Guatemalan Communities

The developing countries of the world have an untold number of communities in need of medical and other basic life assistance. We became connected with Purulhá, Guatemala, through a chance conversation between Dr. Joseph Arzadon and one of his patients, whose daughter and son-in-law are missionaries there. The connection quickly led to our 2019 mission to Purulhá and an ongoing relationship with Erin and Rolando. After the mission, other connections led us to meet Dr. Jeyson Arevalo, a surgeon at the National Hospital in Guastatoya, who was eager to serve as our host and partner for our first significant surgical mission to Guatemala, planned for 2020. Although we could not return for a mission in 2020 or 2021 because the Pandemic, we have provided their communities with PPE and other assistance. This is just one of the ways your donations to MMOM USA continue to provide life-saving and life-changing support to the medically underserved from afar even though we cannot conduct missions.

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