Urdaneta, Pangasinan

Mission Overview

As with past missions, the MMOM USA 2015 Medical Missions in Urdaneta District Hospital and Bangui District have been successfully completed without patient complications or major problems. The total number of patients treated by both missions is 2,410.
This is the 15th major medical mission for MMOM USA and it started as smoothly as a mission can be especially coming to a new place. The health policies of Pangasinan Governor Espino and the preparedness by the Provincial Health officer and staff made for relatively painless start and finish. This is also the first time that we were able to run 6 OR tables at the same time as we had enough anesthesia providers, surgeons, and nursing staff. Overall, the Urdaneta Major Mission had 66 major surgeries, 262 minor surgeries, 494 optometry/ophthalmology patients, 1178 dental patients, 144 health/wellness patients for a total of 2,144 patients in 5 days. Although we could have seen more patients (especially in major and minor surgeries), this census falls within the normal range of our typical procedure-based mission. We were treated to an elegant fellowship night by the governor, who was impressed by our efficiency and ability to treat so many patients. He understands that we have the ability to do more surgeries, but he was more than grateful for the services that we have provided. He has also requested that we return for future missions in Pangasinan. A special thanks to Tita Banez and her family for hosting the MMOM USA fellowship party, where the new volunteers ate balut (boiled duck egg with chick embryo inside) as part of their initiation. As the week progressed and happy patients assuring others of our good works, more people came to be seen at the end of the week. Unfortunately, many walk in patients, including those requiring major surgeries, were turned away. They will be treated by the hospital or wait for the next mission in Urdaneta. We also gave them the option to see us in Paniqui next year. We left behind supplies and medications for the hospital to be used on the post-op care of the surgical patients and for those surgical candidates that came late or deferred. Dr. Grace Maano also donated two patient monitors and one portable ultrasound through Rotary Club from Australia.

Thank you for the privilege of serving with ALL OF YOU. I am again reminded by the words of our very own Dr. Vic, an orthopedic surgeon and volunteer of MANY missions, that healing is not just surgery or some sort of procedure. People stand in line for hours just to be heard or touched. They think everyone in the mission is a doctor! So to all of you who smiled, empathized, chatted, listened, and touched a patient, you have made as much difference in that person’s life as any procedure we can ever provide. We are all healers.

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