Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

Mission Overview

This mission may stand out as another milestone in the progression of MMOM USA – energized. The infusion of young and energetic volunteers was refreshing and made this mission even more fun again. The anesthesia students, dental students, nursing students, other students and residents who are so eager to learn and help and the addition of experienced practitioners with new ideas to share strengthened the purpose of our organization which is to help the less fortunate while helping to educate and inspire others to do the same.
The total number of patients treated is 2,192 but may actually be a little more after we check the final OR numbers from the hospital records. The breakdown is: optometry/ophtha (358); dental (1539); general/ENT surgery (73); and cleft lip/palate (19 – this number should be higher). This is certainly a large number considering that all were procedures worth millions in Pesos of services that were provided for free to the poor people of Sorsogon. Everyone worked hard during the day and some even found enough energy at night to play hard. Everyone should be very proud of this accomplishment. And of course, the volunteers who could not come to the Philippines, but instrumental in the organization and management of this mission – we miss you all. It is also important to mention the donors who came through especially at the eleventh hour to yet again alleviate the financial challenges we were facing. And the MMOM USA supporters and friends who provided services such as meeting members at the airport to make the passage through customs/ immigration easier, providing media coverage to the group to spread the good works of MMOM USA, organizing and keeping our equipment in good shape, and many others. We should all be very grateful to Dr. Jun Bolo and Dr. Philip Dechavez for doing everything in their power to make this mission happen and successful.

I want to thank you again for your selfless contributions and enthusiasm to improve the lives of so many people in Sorsogon, Philippines. I hope the memories of the grateful people we helped, new friends made and old friendships renewed will last a long time in your thoughts.

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