Sibuyan, Romblon

Mission Overview

This mission showed the endurance and stability of MMOM USA. Even with fragmentation of the departments, the mission continued. The initial Sibuyan team worked hard to set up the operating rooms, outpatient departments, clear patients for surgery, and commenced treating patients on Monday. They started the wheel going and made for an easy transition for the stranded larger Romblon team. The Romblon team was hopeful to leave on Monday, but when it became clear that we will not leave on Tuesday either, an impromptu outpatient clinic was started in the Rural Health Center and went “all out” using the Romblon Hospital for major surgery. The mood was a little down, but the drive to succeed was strong. No one gave up and everyone adapted to the situation handed to us

The total number of patients treated in Sibuyan/Rombon is 1,249 but may actually be a little more after we complete the data entry. The Sibuyan stat is: dental (547); general/ENT surgery (27); and cleft lip/palate (25), minor surgery (183), and rehab (12). The Romblon/Bakawan stat is: minor surgery (12), Medical consults (233), Health and Wellness (184), Dental (26). This is much less than our major mission census, but certainly a large number considering the OR team had only 2 full days and the outpatient services were hampered by bad weather. Also the EYE team did not participate in the major, but was in full force in the mini mission. The total number of patients treated in Moncada (mini mission) is 1,222 (optometry/ophthalmology, dental extractions, minor surgery, and adult/pediatric consults). In all, we treated 2,471 patients with procedures worth millions in Pesos of services that were provided for free to the poor people of Sibuyan, Romblon, and Moncada.

Everyone should be very proud of accomplishing our goal under the circumstances presented. It wouldn’t happen without the determination of the site volunteers, the planning by the officers and board members, and the pre-mission support and encouragement by those who could not be at the mission. It is also important to mention the donors and supporters who made this mission financially feasible. And the MMOM USA friends who provided services such as meeting members at the airport to make the passage through customs/ immigration easier, providing media coverage to the group to spread the good works of MMOM USA, organizing and keeping our equipment in good shape, and keeping us safe. A big round of applause goes to Congressman Madrona, Governor Firmalo, Vice Governor Riano, AnnMarie, Jojo, Joey, and the rest of the Romblon staff for providing us unexpected accommodations and keeping us safe and protected from the elements. Same goes to Mayor and Mrs. Aquino and their staff in Moncada for a very well organized mini-mission and heartfelt reception.

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