El Progreso and Purulhá, Guatemala 2020

June 20, 2020

Mission Overview

MMOM held it’s third annual Guatemala mission trip in and around rural Puruhlá in June, 2019. During three clinic days, our amazing team of 18 volunteers provided surgical, dental, general medical, and vision care to over 1500 individuals. Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported this mission!

This year, we expect to be working again with Horeb ministries in the Purulhá area and also with Hospital Nacional El Progreso, located in the town of Guastatoya. This new hospital partnership will allow us to expand our services to include more complex surgeries in this very poor area of Guatemala. We will also be providing minor surgeries, dentistry, optometry, and general consultations in several locations.

Needed skills are: surgery and anesthesia, medical consultations, minor surgery, dentistry, optometry and ophthalmology, nursing/PAs, medical and dental assistants, and people with organizational, general, and Spanish language abilities.

Volunteers will arrive in Guatemala City on Saturday 20 June and be transported to the mission site the next day. Clinic days will be Monday through Thursday with Friday being a possible clinic day or recreational day, depending on the arrangements. Volunteers would typically return home on Saturday or Sunday. Trip costs (food, lodging, transportation, security) are expected to be $500-600 per person in addition to airfare. Volunteers wishing to arrive early or stay an extra day would enjoy spending time in and around the city of Antigua, Guatemala, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Other accessible attractions include Lake Atitlán and the Mayan ruins in Tikál.

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