Hagonoy, Bulacan

Mission Overview

The total number of patients seen was 2024. There were 73 major surgeries: Hernia (25), Cleft lip and palate (18), Thyroidectomy (21), Mastectomy (4), and Cholecystectomy (5). The outpatient department treated 727 Dental patients (extractions, fillings, root canals), 383 minor surgeries, 312 Ophtha patients (with additional cataract surgeries to follow), and 132 patients for Therapy and Wellness. The Women’s health education was well attended. Maria had 126 and Dr. Grace Maano had 270 attendees. In addition, Dr. Grace performed PAP smears – our first time. There were no complications. We also left boxes of supply to the hospital.
We visited 3 sites (Guagua and Mexico in Pampanga and Capas in Tarlac) for the 2012 major mission. Guagua is well known to us and the hospital has been renovated. Mexico just opened a community hospital 3 months ago and fully operational with state of the art facilities. Capas has a small hospital opened one year ago and treats mainly the indigent population. The executive committee will meet and make a decision on the major mission site (Feb 6-10, 2012). The mini-mission will likely be in the island of Marinduque (Feb 13-14, 2012).

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