Guagua, Pampanga and mini-mission to Odiongan, Romblon

Mission Overview

The Guagua Mission (Feb 4-8, 2008) resulted in 3600 patients being seen/treated based on our data. The official count by the hospital and submitted to the DOH (Dept of Health) is over 3900 patients. The departmental breakdown is available, and will be emailed to everyone separately. As always, we strived to give the best care possible under the existing circumstances.
There was one complication, which required transfer of one patient to the San Fernandino Hospital ICU, due to pulmonary edema after thyroidectomy. As it turned out, there was a mass behind the surgical site (posterolateral), which caused significant extraluminal compression on the trachea. The patient received excellent care from our anesthesiologists and surgeons by “doing the right thing” and quickly reacting to a life threatening situation, and from the San Fernandino Hospital doctors and staff who stabilized and eventually extubated the patient. The patient was discharged and was grateful to the care she received.

The Guagua Mission was quick and efficient…the week went by like a breeze. The doctors and staff of the Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Provincial Hospital gave us their usual exemplary support and cooperation, in the face of delayed and ongoing renovation, poor and aging equipment, lack of equipment/beds/supplies, and lack of financial support. Dr. Ed Ponio, the medical director, has been true and steadfast to his support of the medical mission, but he has requested support from us to help keep his government hospital up to DOH standards.

The general sentiment for the 2008 mission is efficiency. The experience of the department heads and their teams resulted in more patients being seen and the new members injected enthusiasm and ideas to help the group improve. It is hard to measure the effects of short medical missions like ours, but over the 3 years that we have come to Guagua, we have certainly brought hope to those who need us most for their health care and treating them with dignity and respect. We should all be proud to be part of a group that upholds patient care above personal goals and egos.

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