Romblon, Romblon

Mission Overview

This year’s mission is the first time we have excluded the medical consults and the medications for chronic diseases based on our previous experiences in Romblon and as requested by the Chief of Hospital, Dr. Tax Gumban. We treated almost 1600 patients (79 major surgery, 298 minor surgery, 870 dental patients, 327 optometry/ophthalmology not including the separate cataract surgery mission, and 19 rehab medicine), which is about 50% lower than our typical census. However, the surgical procedures have increased and the dental treatment have become more sophisticated with preservation of teeth and esthetics instead of just extractions. The optometry/ophthalmology services stayed the same with eye exams, offering reading glasses, sunglasses and prescription glasses, and cataract screening with cataract surgery to follow at a later date. The physical therapy and wellness department is still in its development, but continues to improve. Patient education has also improved especially in dental. In summary, this 2010 Mission is probably the most efficient mission we have had by providing the most value (in terms of cost of procedures) for the limited funds used. The smaller number of patients seen is a reflection of the exclusion of the medical consults and longer time-consuming procedures in Dental. This does not mean that we will totally eliminate all medical consults and medications in the future, as the specific locality will dictate the needs of the local population.

Thank you for the privilege of serving with ALL OF YOU. I am reminded by the words of our very own Dr. Vic, an orthopedic surgeon and volunteer of MANY missions, that healing is not just surgery or some sort of procedure. People stand in line for hours just to be heard or touched. They think everyone in the mission is a doctor! So to all of you who smiled, empathized, chatted, listened, and touched a patient, you have made as much difference in that person’s life as any procedure we can ever provide.

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