Echague, Isabela

Mission Overview

Our 2017 major mission in Echague, Isabela and the mini mission in Coron, Palawan helped 2,134 underserved patients. The Echague 5 day mission on February 6-10, 2017 census was 65 (major surgery), 263 (minor surgery), 679 (dental), and 458 (optometry/ophthalmology) for a total of 1,465 patients treated. Certainly below the usual number of patients we normally see, but nevertheless, those are a lot of patients that benefited from our efforts with our usual safety standards and kind care. We are grateful to our sponsors (Attny and Mrs. Lopez) and the local government for their generosity, hospitality and determination to help bring patients to the hospital. The hotels and food may be the best we have experienced of all the major missions. The Echague District Hospital was a great place for a major mission and the hospital administration, nurses, doctors and staff were very supportive of our group. There are many learning points from this mission, which will only make us better.

The Coron 2 day mission on February 14-15, 2017 was a combined MMOMUSA and PMA of Washington, DC effort. The census was 197 (pediatric medical), 201 (adult medical), 219 (dental) and 52 (minor surgery) for a total of 669 patients. The venue was at the Barangay Guadalupe town center made up of a Sari-Sari store, a small rural health unit with surrounding small buildings and a covered stage which we converted to clinics for each department. There were 20 of us and were helped by the Barangay Health workers. We stayed at the best resort in Coron, the Busuanga Island Paradise, owned and operated by Dindo Narciso, who also helped organize the mini-mission. We had small setbacks (such as the minor surgery supplies and other half of the team not arriving), but we managed it well.
In the next week or so, we will review the photos and videos. We will create a link for you to share your photos as well. This major mission in Echague is the best documented mission ever thanks to professional photographer Chuck Fazio, semiprofessional photographer Steve Steiner, professional videographer Justin Jaro, and production by Eric Macalma from Firestarter.

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