Romblon and Batangas, Philippines 2020

February 10, 2020

Mission Overview

Registration is now open for our 2020 Philippine major mission to Romblon (February 10-14) and mini mission to Batangas (February 17-18, 2020). We are able to take only 60 volunteers for Romblon and TBD for Batangas, which we will select by skill order of registration and skill from those who have responded by September 30th.

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Mission Registration

    IF YOU ARE LICENSED IN THE PHILIPPINES OR ARE NOT A DOCTOR, DENTIST, OR A NURSE, PLEASE DISREGARD THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION. The processing time to secure Temporary Permits is 3 months. Therefore, all certified licenses to the Philippines are required to be submitted by October 22. We can not process last minute temporary permits. For those who are licensed in DC and VA, please scan and email it to or fax a copy to (703) 373-8952. (pictures of the license will not be accepted). The deadline is October 14, 2018. For those who are licensed in MD, please email your license number to and it will be processed appropriately. The deadline is for Maryland licensed providers is October 14th, 2018. For those outside of MD, VA or DC, please email, and state your name, credentials, and state of residence to guide you in the process of obtaining your state's license. This includes the seal from the Philippine Embassy or Consul. The certified license with the seal from the Philippine Embassy must be received by me no later than October 20, 2018. All licenses must be certified by the Secretary of State (each state has a different process) and then certified by the Philippine Embassy (depending on which state you are in, your license must be certified by the Philippine Consul which has jurisdiction over your state) before we send the licenses to the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC).
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